Sunday, October 18, 2009

Writing Inspiration--Old Photos

These photos were given to me by my grandmother. They were taken just before WWII, when she was an art student living in Holland.

I like to use them as writing prompts or just as inspiration to keep writing. They make me believe in art again.

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I'm Jessica Jo. Poet, aspiring novelist, grad student, and eleventh grade English teacher.

I think my hope in having this blog is that it be a place to explore and archive my writing process. To share it, to grow in it, and to get something back from the world-wide writing community.

I love fragments. I love the leathery feel of old pages under my fingertips. I love cutting up old books and finding poems hidden in the pages. I love my Dad for showing me what it is to love stories. I love living a thousand lives in one.

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